Purple Bone Lick Mat
Purple Bone Lick Mat

Purple Bone Lick Mat

Licking mats are a great way to mentally stimulate your dog and promote calm behavior. 

The act of repetitive licking is soothing for an anxious dog. By participating in an activity that causes them to lick, they are releasing cortisol into their body, which is a hormone responsible for relaxation. 

Licking mats helps to stimulate saliva production. Increased salivation has been known to aid in digestion, assist in the easier break down of food in the digestive tract, and fight off bacteria in the mouth.

Pair a lick mat with a jar of Buddy Budder and your doggo will thank you!

8” wide X 8” tall.

.25” thick. 

Weight: 5.5 oz

This is not a chew toy.  Supervise your pet while using this enrichment mat.  If mat becomes damaged, remove from pet immediately.