Bikin' for Bostons: 6/29/19 Road Report

Today is the first day of a week long vacation for Momma and Daddy!  YAHOOO!

We are going to try to make up for the weekends we didn't get to log any miles because of the rain. We are planning short, shady rides with A/C stops so we can stay cool and comfortable. We rode 54 miles today and it was perfect.

Map of ride route

We started out by swinging by our favorite vet office to pick up some medicine.  (Daddy says we should have an exam room dedicated in our name as much money as we give the doc, but so far, that hasn't happened.)  I love everyone at Town and Country and they love me so it was kisses for anyone who wanted them and then we were off again.

Jessie giving kisses to vet tech

We took the long way around to Helen to have lunch at Two Tire Tavern.  Lots of bikers park and eat here and I was a huge hit as soon as we pulled in.  I got to eat bacon and french fries off Daddy's plate and posed for lots of pictures.  One couple we met from Savannah messaged Momma that she sent a picture of me to her friend only to find out that her friend already follows me on Instagram!  I'm a little bit famous. (I can't believe Momma didn't get a picture of those nice people - she RARELY misses a photo op!)

We had planned to walk around Helen a bit after lunch, but it was heating up fast so we decided to get back on the bike to stay cool. We took the long way home which was perfect timing because I was ready for my afternoon nap.

If you would like to support Bikin' for Bostons, you can do it here.  All the money goes to the Rescue Ranch in Rutledge, GA to save and rehabilitate Bostons just like me.

Love ya,

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