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Dear Desdemona: Buzzing in Shame

Dear Desdemona I'm writing to you full of shame and embarrassment... My peoples are forcing me to model ridiculous costumes. How can I convince my mamas not to take advantage of my diaper covers and dress me head to toe like a bumblebee bee? I should be a strong steed or superhero at least...

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Dear Desdemona: Daddy Trouble and Ridiculousness

Dear Desdemona,I am the luckiest dog in the world. I was recently adopted by my new “peeps”! So far they are shaping up very nicely. But today, my mommy acted funny when she found that I had “sorted through” a SMALL trash can. She said something about my daddy ( Steve Owens ) was in the doghouse now because he left all these treasures for me in a trashcan. I thought it was very nice of my daddy to leave me these treats. What should I do? I don’t want my daddy to go outside in the doghouse (wherever that is).  p.s. I didn’t actually eat anything just great smells. Anxiously Anticipating Advise...woof, woof...Sonnet

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