Dear Desdemona: Daddy Trouble and Ridiculousness

Dear Desdemona,

I am the luckiest dog in the world. I was recently adopted by my new “peeps”! So far they are shaping up very nicely. But today, my mommy acted funny when she found that I had “sorted through” a SMALL trash can. She said something about my daddy ( Steve Owens ) was in the doghouse now because he left all these treasures for me in a trashcan. I thought it was very nice of my daddy to leave me these treats. What should I do? I don’t want my daddy to go outside in the doghouse (wherever that is).

p.s. I didn’t actually eat anything just great smells.

Anxiously Anticipating Advise...woof, woof...Sonnet

Trash on the living room floor

Dear AAA,

Don't despair - this is a very good, albeit early, sign of your new family dynamics. Essentially, you will do something that Momma thinks is "bad" and she will blame it on the Daddy. This is EXACTLY how events progress in my house.

Now, I know you might feel bad for Daddy, but don't worry, he will learn very quickly that once he admits he was wrong Momma will forgive him and everything will be back to normal. I suggest giving Daddy a little extra loving so he doesn't get wise to the plan or hold any grudges.

Lots of love,

Dear Desdemona,

What is your definition of the word ridiculous??? Can pugs be ridiculous, or is just their hoomans???

Desdemona with her tongue out

Dear "I can't even",

It's been said (countless times) that I, and my fellow pugs, are ridiculous. While there are lots of way to interpret this claim, I like to think that they mean I am unbelievably cute.

So, to answer your questions - ABSO-EFFING-LUTELY! Pugs are among the MOST RIDICULOUS you will ever see! your questions about hoomans. This news is not nearly as good. Take my momma, for example, she tends to lean more towards the "hot mess, cray cray" definition of ridiculous.

In a nutshell, we are all ridiculous in some way or another - pugs just happen to be the BEST KIND of ridiculous.

You heard it here first,


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