Introduction: Desdemona the Pug

Meet Desdemona.

In our case, the Pug Life really did choose us!  We have always been a Boston Terrier family and had no intentions of ever changing that.  Until Momma met Desdemona (formerly Thumbelina).

Desdemona was just 1lb. 14oz. when we she came to us as a foster - smaller than a loaf of bread! She was rescued from a yard sale where the family was giving her away because they thought she had a prolapsed rectum.  After the Rescue Ranch had her evaluated by a vet, it was discovered that Desdemona had a deformity in her colon and couldn't express her bowels without assistance.  Luckily, she outgrew it and is perfectly healthy now!

Desdemona standing next to a loaf of bread.

Desdemona is a total clown and loves everyone.  She is completely content to play alone with her favorite toy (a fried egg stuffy), keep-away with Maggie, or chase with Jessie.

Desdemona with her favorite toy

Even though Desdemona is completely healthy now, the issues she had early on stunted her growth.  She is fully grown and weighs in at 8 lb. although if you could see her 'tude in action, you would never know it!

Desdemona is the closest in age to Jessie and I think this is why they have the love-hate relationship they have.  They will spend their day wrestling, playing bitey-face, and sometimes fighting.  Then, we will walk in the room and see them like this:

Jessie and Desdemona sleeping together

A lot of people are curious why such a long name for such a small dog.  All of dogs are named after songs.  Desdemona is a song by the Allman Brothers.  And now you know!  :)


  • Ellen Allen

    I love the kindness and compassion, the spunk and resilience , and the humor that you share with us in your stories about your beloved fur babies! They are blessed to have you and I’m sure you feel the same about them. Keep on keepin on… you two are an inspiration!

  • sandi

    I love all of these girls! I am so so sorry that you lost sweet, beautiful Maydell but, you gave her the BEST life ever! you guys are awesome!

  • Jan McMinn

    Beautiful girl!

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