Introduction: Jessie's Story

We first heard about Jessie when we saw a post from the Rescue Ranch asking for someone to transport a paralyzed Boston Terrier from Virginia to Georgia.  It was a Saturday night and Mamma looked at Daddy and said, "You up for a road trip?" 

We had no idea that Jessie would have wounds almost to the bone from dragging herself around on carpet. In addition to her wounds, Jessie had a severe UTI, a metal wire in her stomach, and a broken pelvic which had healed without being set causing her paralysis.

Jessie's bottom when she was surrendered to rescue

Over time, Jessie began to heal - both inside and out.  She got a pink drag bag (aka the little pink dress) so she could start moving around again without further injury and once she was completely healed, she was fitted for a set of wheels.

Jessie wearing the pink drag bag

And while she LOVES running with her wheels on, I think she loves riding on Daddy's wheels even more.  If she sees us getting our helmets, she runs to the door to make sure she is included. 

Jessie and Daddy on the motorcycle 

Jessie is an ambassador for special needs rescue and adoption everywhere she goes.  She is outgoing and loves when people stop to talk or take pictures of her.  All the while, Momma and Daddy smile and know that everyone who meets her will remember what is possible with love.


  • Diana Cox

    My heart is so full , just learned about Jesse from my new friend in Williamsport Pa Friday night . I cannot express how grateful I am that there are dog lovers esp with disabled digs in this world today like you both . Being a big animal lover myself , you two are a blessing & hero’s in my book. Thank you is not enough . ❤️

  • Lea Parker

    Oh, sweet Jessie! I have followed Jessie’s Facebook page for awhile and loved her videos and photos. I had no idea of her backstory. Wow! Jessie’s new parents have are beautiful humans to share their hearts with her! Thank God for good people! We also have a rescue Boston, she loves to ride. I’ve never thought of putting her on the bike with us, but now I want to climb on and ride to North Georgia and ride with Jessie! Thank you both for loving this amazing baby! Second chances are often the best! ♥️

  • Jessie

    Jan, thanks for visiting! <3

  • Jan McMinn

    Beautiful Jesse! I had no idea this sweet girl suffered so much. I’m so thrilled she is loved! She’s beautiful!

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