Introduction: Maydell the Warrior

Maydell taught us how to be special needs dog parents.  Maydell was rescued by the Rescue Ranch after being hit by a car.  Her evaluation at UGA showed that her spinal cord was severed and that her paralysis was permanent.  

Maydell at UGA

From the moment Momma saw Maydell, she couldn't stop thinking about her.  We knew absolutely zero about taking care of a paralyzed dog, but Momma started researching and watching YouTube videos and finally got up the nerve to ask the Rescue Ranch if we could come visit Maydell.  We took Maydell home that day and never looked back.

Momma, Daddy, Maggie, and Maydell

Maydell was a gorgeous dog and she knew it!  She would tolerate our fun and games but managed to do it in the most distinguished way.

Maydell sitting in a swing with a purple hat on.

Maydell and Daddy had a special bond.  Daddy couldn't sit in his recliner for one minute before Maydell was asking to be lifted up and there they would stay until the wee hours of the morning - watching episodes of Star Trek.

Maydell and Daddy

We lost Maydell on Friday, June 22nd to a brain tumor.  She was just a little over 4 years old.  Our lives will forever be touched the the paw prints she left on our hearts.  Run free our sweet girl.


  • Oceandy

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  • Beverly

    Maydell will be missed. She had a strong spirit and was loved by many.

  • Jan McMinn

    Maydell was beautiful.

  • Jan McMinn

    Maydell was beautiful.

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