Dear Desdemona: Betrayal and Dating Young

Dear Desdemona,

My parents went on vacation and forgot to bring me surprises but brought several for the new baby. I am so sad. Should I forgive them or continue to pout?


Sad Sack Spanky

Sad Sack Spanky lying on the back of the couch look sad


Dear SSS,

I, too, have felt the pain and betrayal of not receiving surprises when my parents return for a trip. You are not alone!

It takes time, but you can train your humans. I have trained mine to expect a “surprise” of my own when they forget to bring me gifts. This may be something you want to consider for the future.

As for the pouting, I say hold out as long as you can. This tends to get your bigger and better surprises in the future. Of course, you will eventually cave because...well...we are dogs. There is no shame in conceding as long as you did your best to perfect your pouting game.

Hang in there, my friend.


Line of Paw Prints


Dear Desdemona,

What's your idea of a good time and do you like younger boys?


-Feelin Fine In Florida

Picture of red Boston wearing red, white, and blue glasses and bowtie


Dear Triple F,

We have similar fashion taste and that’s a good foundation for any relationship.

Desdemona wearing a red, white, and blue hat and sunglasses


My most favorite thing of ALL TIME is making sure everyone and everything is in its proper place. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe the things I have to bring to my momma’s attention! 

I also enjoy aggravating my sisters, eating, and long naps.

As for younger boys, I’m a fan, but I'm too high maintenance for a long distance relationship.

Keep stylin',


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  • Susan Clark

    I love, love, love this! Your answers are brilliant! Keep up the good work!

  • Ann Lakik

    Dear Desdemona: I want to be an only child, but my parents got me a sister. She is always nice and I get in trouble for stealing her toys, treats and being mean. How can I look like I didn’t do it? Bad to the bone in Rochester.

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