Dear Desdemona: Potty Punishments

Dear Desdemona,

My brother hiked his leg on my dog steps. Can we double neuter? The first one obviously didn't take.

Signed, Busted in Ball Ground

Busted in Ball Ground

My Guilty Brother

The Guilty Brother

Dear B in B,

Are you female?  I’m think you must be, because no male would ever come up with the idea of double neutering!

Regardless, I don’t think double neutering is an option.

I suggest you even up the score. Find your brothers most prized possession, have a nice long drink, and let loose!


Line of Paws

Dear Desdemona,

With all this rain we’ve been having, I’ve taken to doing my business indoors. My people feel this type of behavior is unacceptable. I feel it is cruel & unusual punishment to have me go outside-they don’t.

Can you help solve this crisis?

Thanks in advance,

Cooped up in Chicago 

 Cooped up in Chicago

Dear Cooped,

I also don’t like to do my biz outside when it is raining...or windy...or dark....or too hot...or too cold, etc.

The conditions need be right - I understand.

Do you have any siblings that you could frame for this “unacceptable behavior”?  This is my first suggestion.

If you need a plan B, I recommend hiding the evidence.  You can do the deed under the couch or bed, behind the recliner, or in the cat box.  Use your imagination!


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